AKBINGO! Inside AKB48 Kenkyuusei Bags! #1


At this time in this Video ,There’s No Team 4.
So, These Girls are still in Kenkyuusei (Trainee / Research) Members.

They are asked to write a survey to describe themselves as an Idol.
but, all of them wrote it in “Idol-ish” state.

Kashiwagi Yuki Senpai saying that is NOT GOOD for Variety show.
so, she called someone she know to show to these Kenkyuusei members what a Variety Show is!

This is the Part one of the scene.
The survey results are not quite interesting, so i won’t upload it… :((

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PS. There’s some error occured in the subtitle, so it looks a bit “Thick”.
sorry…. :))