AKBINGO! Pajama Fashion Show | Biggest Secrets Reveal


AKBINGO! Ratings has Dropped Below the Average!
In order to Revive the Ratings, AKB Members must find a way to get the Ratings Back! They are Challenged to Create any segments they want, and the ratings must be above 3.2% or they will get Punishment!

After many Ideas on some of Previous Episodes, This Idea was Chosen by the Members and Staff!
This is the Part two of the Episode, Members will have their appeal time to reveal the biggest Secret of other members.

FUN FACT, In this Episode, SATA MASAKI is one of the MC is Wearing a WIG!!!
Because of a Scandal from one of AKB member. this Episode came first after Sata Masaki Became Bald. But this Episode aired first. before the AKB48 VS MC Badboys Episode.